Selling Physical Products?

Selling Physical Products?  If so; your income is about to increase (fast).

This guy knows his stuff and is now focusing on YOUR business model.

You haaaave to see this short video asap:

Chuck Mullaney
– Email Marketing Expert – 15 years
– Email Marketing Innovator – 13 years
– Email Platform Creator since 2012
– Email Marketing Consultant for Politicians, Doctors, Athletes, Offline Corporations, Multi Million Dollar online Companies, you name it…

All SMTP Services are NOT Created Equal

timeandenergyIt’s such an exciting experience to witness, first hand, the differences between “email marketers that send high volume” and “email marketers that technically administer” email marketers that send high volume.

MAJOR DIFFERENCE Between Those Two Professionals

I imagine it can be a “headache” and a royal “pain in the butt” to some the first time they’re forced to make these decisions; however, I find it fascinating and truly enjoy learning the latest “chess moves” to ensure the highest deliverability throughout the lifecycle of communicating with prospectively hundreds of thousands of prospects each day.

Like most aspects of “REAL” marketing, it’s not simply common sense.  Experience and data rule the day.  Experience quickly forces you to focus on fundamentals such as, how providers determine a “good mailer” from a “bad mailer”, or the common issues that come from switching from a provider with horrible inboxing over to one with highly effective inboxing.

I see THAT situation often and the emotional roller coaster goes like this;

They click send the first time with this new “bad ass service”, see double, triple or even quadruple open rates from the last several mailings they’ve sent, get SUPER excited, then emotionally crushed later that day when the “shut down notification” email arrives.

The shut down is in response to the downside of hitting all those inboxes for the first time in many months or even years in some cases; they don’t even remember who you are or how they got on your lists…so they click “spam” or literally complain to the provider in some cases.

That coupled with higher bounce rates is an indicator that you are a “bad mailer”.  I know, I know…

Not Fair, …right?  Sometimes the world just isn’t fair.

So, what can you do to hopefully alleviate this stress?  You can pay a service to clean your lists, then focus on a smaller segment of the list to mail 2 – 4 times through another service, then mail the resulting leftover subscribers (after all the bounces are out, the complainers are out, and the heavy unsubscribes are gone) through your favorite new service, and start a history of “good mailing” with them before ramping up your account to handle all your lists.

Most High Volume Mailers do not know how to administer High Volume Mailers.  It’s an ironic disconnect I see often.  So, hopefully, if you are one of those without the administration experience; you’ve been lucky enough to review this short post prior to running into this proverbial brick wall.

Hope this helps.

Increased Success By Decreased Training…


While brainstorming with a couple of very intelligent and successful internet marketing buddies a month ago (separately), something Major and Ground Breaking hit me right between the eyes.  You see,

I Think I Can Increase My Clients’ Success Rate By Literally Teaching Them Less lol.  Here’s what I mean…

I’m a hardcore and diehard email marketing trainer.  The short version is, I did it all myself with ZERO outside influence for a couple years, THEN realized I do it all in a very Original way.

I really had no idea, I was simply focused on increasing and continuing my own income from my then small email list (this was 12 years ago), then took a look around and noticed that there was a such thing as “email marketing training” lolol.  By that time, it was too late; I already had my own way of doing it all.  So,…

I dove deep into all the training I could find to see what I personally could do better.  I DID learn a few things that helped tweak my processes, but in reality it was mostly putting true terms or “labels” on many of the aspects I had already worked out for myself; as a matter of fact at the risk of coming across with a heavy ego; I liked my process much better.

I made all decisions based on the data (opens, clicks, and income) and focused purely on the fundamentals when adjusting to increase these.

What I mean by fundamentals are 2 base areas;

1. The fundamental truth that the ONLY thing I could “guess” or “assume” about my subscribers was that they are human beings. And…

2. The fundamentals when putting myself “in their shoes” so my communication(s) to them are helpful, effective, and accurate.

Now, this all added up to an overwhelming amount of information; Do’s, Don’t’s, Strategies, Processes, Systems, and Insights.  So, when I first started mentoring others on all of this, I absolutely overwhelmed them with everything (because I’m an “over deliver” kind of guy) and I quickly found that this was a disservice.

This Kept Me Up At Night For A LONG Time:

Unintentional of course, but I was not only harming their chances of success by burying them in non essential details, but I was also discouraging many that may have been able to “make it” if they hadn’t met me back then; which just hurts to think about and say.  ESPECIALLY because I it was the opposite of my goal and I took myself to the end to over deliver.

Now, on to today’s Changes:  Less Is More.

When I turned my way of training upside down and focused on the Short Term end results I want to deliver, THEN mapped out the shortest way TO these results, THEN literally “forced” some experts into small sections of the training (the hardest part by far); it became obvious that THIS is New and has the potential to be highly effective and…

could therefore increase the number of students that achieve success (rather than the goal of MOST mentors which is; low refund rate).

This “Upside Down” or “Building Backwards” model sounded right to me and of course made me feel like an idiot for not thinking of it sooner.  So, I decided to test this process in a unique way:

I launched a LIVE Traffic Course using this model simply because “I personally suck at this part of my job” and therefore I can add the benefit of me being a student right there alongside my students.

I became lazy.  That’s precisely why I have over a decade of Internet and Email Marketing experience and am not “great” at creating multiple traffic avenues to increase the size of my subscriber lists.  I focused in on one strategy that I’ve had plenty of almost “unfair” success with over the years and dropped the rest (bad move to be honest).

I use my already in demand training to get other marketers with big email lists to promote live training webinars, then THIS set of new subscribers are not only on my email list, but many of them are fresh off of listening to me gain credibility and trust with them LIVE.  Can you say, “Perfect New Subscribers”? 🙂

So, once this new Traffic Course does what I’m convinced it will do; increase the number of successful clients by simply being focused and structured to deliver small attainable goals; I’m sure I will be not only creating other courses with this structure, but actually creating a “Learn to Teach” product as well.

Have a fantastic day and please learn from my mistakes as well as my latest findings to deliver real value to your people.